Author: NuraLogix | TORONTO, August 16, 2019

NuraLogix is proud to announce that our patent application “System and Method for Contactless Blood Pressure Determination” has been approved on August 16, 2019! According to USPTO, NuraLogix’s patent (U.S. Patent No., 10, 376, 192) grants NuraLogix exclusive rights to a contactless method for blood pressure determination.

The patent abstract:

A system and method for contactless blood pressure determination. The method includes: receiving a captured image sequence; determining, using a trained hemoglobin concentration (HC) changes machine learning model, bit values from a set of bitplanes in the captured image sequence that represent the HC changes of the subject; determining a blood flow data signal; extracting one or more domain knowledge signals associated with the determination of blood pressure; building a trained blood pressure machine learning model with a blood pressure training set, the blood pressure training set including the blood flow data signal of the one or more predetermined ROIs and the one or more domain knowledge signals; determining, using the blood pressure machine learning model trained with a blood pressure training set, an estimation of blood pressure; and outputting the determination of blood pressure.

This patent yields strong evidence that NuraLogix’s intellectual property and related products provide an unequivocal competitive advantage. We now have full confidence that our Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) technology is truly innovative. The U.S patent warrants the exclusivity and provides legal protection of TOI.

According to the American Heart Association, a substantial amount of people with high blood pressure are unaware of their condition. Essentially, people misunderstand the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure and for that reason lack self-awareness of their own health.

The truth is, high blood pressure remains symptom-less until significant damage has already been done to your heart, making it a “silent killer.” Therefore, waiting for specific or alarming signs or symptoms to access your blood pressure is taking a dangerous gamble with your life.

With our technology we hope to raise health awareness across the world by providing a means of convenient insights of one’s health.

You can find the patent here.