Author: NuraLogix | TORONTO, June 14, 2019

After months of strategizing and planning, Anura premiered at CES Asia 2019 in Shanghai and it was a tremendous success!

The team was on the show floor of Shanghai’s New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) for two and a half days, showcasing the brilliant science behind TOI™ and demonstrating Anura’s “30s Health Check”. The response of our premier was unbelievable; the uniqueness of Anura’s technology garnered over 5,000 people to visit our booth to experience the “30s Health Check”!

Using just a smartphone, Anura™ “30s Health Check” can measure and obtain a person’s health indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, BMI, facial skin age and risk factors for over the next 10 years.

On the panel discussion “How AI Works with Datasets and Machine Learning”, our CSO Dr. Kang Lee and others discussed the complete AI value chain on AI development in China for consumer technology products. They touched on the current landscape, the single biggest “data generator,” how machine learning of datasets works for AI and its future potential. The panelists alongside Dr. Kang lee were: Leo Chen, Chairman and President of Tuya Inc, Cindy Zhang, Founder & CEO of DATA100, Steven Li, Consumer Business Group Vice President of iFLYTEK Co.,LTD and Alfred Zhou, Senior Industry Analyst in Consumer Technology.

General Manager, Dr. Hujun, was also a panelists on “When HealthTech Meets Lifestyle” topic. Other panelists include: Head of AXA Next Lab Asia; Chief Health Officer of IBM China; CEO of LinkedMed, and more. They dove into current trending HealthTech topics and address how these cutting-edge technologies integrate and reshape the idea of “lifestyle”. The discussion included wearable devices, aging healthcare, Big Data, AI and FemaleTech.

Not only has our booth attracted immense attention on articles but it has also been internationally featured on large social account platforms:

unocero – a Spanish YouTube channel that focuses on latest technology, it has 780k subscribers. – Anura “Heart Magic Mirror” can read the heart and generate a health report in only 30 seconds. – Attracted 3,000 people queuing to experience! Why does an “AI Mirror” making people rush to present their “selfie”?